Fly On Holidays

Welcome to Fly On Holidays !!!

All this began with living and growing up in the beautiful hills of Darjeeling and the fascinating; most often treks to distant hills during weekends.

Travelling isn't merely buying tickets and hotels and hiring a guide, it's more of living times to cherish for good part of our lives. Today although all these information are available on the internet there is still so much missing about travelling and its fun side or the cherishing part that we at have been trying to unearth or bring out to the real world for people to see feel and enjoy, Lets call it, become a traveler!

It's this zeal of rising from the virtual world of black and white and setting our foot on ground zero that we have nurtured the idea of setting up our own travel service, an idea that has long been underlying with us ever since college days.

Setting up a travel company has been a dream come true. Today we operate from Saket, New Delhi, India with local offices in Darjeeling, Siliguri and Gangtok. We also have several other branches and partners within India and around the world to cater to our requirements for travel related services.

With the commitment of excellent services, timely management and complete understanding for travel requirements; we strive and assure to deliver a package to our guests or clients that's irresistible and most importantly a package for cherishing times and of lives during your travel.